i can still remember that day (March 15, 2008), it was a beautiful Saturday, Manny Pacquiao Fights with Juan Manuel Marquez, i woke up at around 10am, i was getting ready to go at Kuks house suddenly someone texted me saying my father is dead, WTF?! i didn’t believe it first though i felt something weird, then my kuya called me, shit it is indeed true, i was shocked, i can’t believe it… then these fuckin’ tears keep fallin’ & fallin’ i myself can’t even stop them, my heart is pounding with different emotions… then it came up when i reminisce our days together… when we were together we quarrel, we share our stories, we share our experiences, we share our dreams, though sometimes his idea of his dreams are kinda’ lame, i understand him, he’s got something big behind him, something big for us… God i miss him so much, whenever i think of him, i’m filled with guilt & agony because that i didn’t even said how much i love him when he was alive, many already said this line but let me say it once more, “if i could just turn back time”,.. daddy, i know that you’re in heaven with God, daddy, i love you so much & i’m sorry for all the things i’ve done… daddy sorry talaga, for causin’ you so much pain, i will make you proud someday, someday… magiging proud ka rin saken katulad sa mga iba mong anak, i know i’m the black sheep, pero daddy, if you would have given me a chance… yun lang naman e, we always fought because you always discriminates me… nsasaktan din naman ako, daddy, i’m sorry, maipagmamalaki mo rin ako, i love you…

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