The Eagles

now lets start with one of my favorite bands.... "The Eagles"

They are an American rock band formed in Los Angeles, California in 1971, the current band members are Glenn Frey, Don Henley, Joe Walshand Timothy B. Schmit.

Their songs are fantastic, i always listen to their songs it seems to ease whatever burdens i have. One of my favorite is their single "Love Will Keep Us Alive", i dedicated it to my wife, The lyrics actually fit into our love story.

I also like the song "Desperado", "The Last Resort", "Hotel California" though these songs have deeper meaning than it actually sound when they are playing, i can feel the heart, the emotion on those songs, they aren't just made to be famous but to express their feelings & touch lives of the listeners. I hope you would have time to listen to their songs, you wouldn't regret a single second. It may be better to hear them live, they aren't like other artist who edits their voice to beatify the song, you wouldn't notice a change in their(The Eagles) voice, and that my friend is pure God given talent!

Click on the links to view their Lyrics & Chords...
You can also access to their website HERE.

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