Mr. Big

A hard rock band, started 1988, they are known for strong vocals, vocal harmonies, great guitar, great base and great drums.

The band consist of Eric Martin , Paul Gilbert , Billy Sheehan and Pat Torpey, but Gilbert left the band in 1997, and Richie Kotzen fill in his spot, Richie Kotzen was the lead guitarist of Poison, he joined them for three years (1999 - 2002). The original members of the band reunited in year 2009 because of the special demand of fans.

Actually I'm one of their fan, they are one of the bands who's top of the line, best vocals, drums, guitar & bass. Their songs have great lyrics, melody & especially SOLO's!!! When it comes to solo's i think Paul Gilbert & Billy Sheehan has a great tandem. \m/ ROCK!!! I know almost all of their songs but i will just post my favorites...(in no particular order interms of favoritism :D)

- Nothing But Love
- Just Take My heart
- Going Where The Wind Blows
- Mr. Never In A Million Years
- Hiding Place
- Take Over
- Stay Together
- Collorado Bulldogs
- Addicted To That Rush

You can access to their personal websites:

You can also catch updates & upcoming tours, concerts of the band HERE!

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