Stupid as the Stupid does

have you done something stupid even though you know you would fail? well i’m doing it right now! i will probably fail about 100%! but even if thats the end, at least i’ve tried! (that’s the spirit! lol) if thats what keeps me moving forward, i will try and try… if it could hurt so much, i would just try to rip off my emotions just to keep moving… as they say stupid as the stupid does! if you have read my post before this one… there’s a phrase there that says “we could jump, hoping to God that we can fly or otherwise we would drop like a rock, wondering the whole way down…” i could drop like a rock here, but before i would become a rock, i will rip off my emotions first to let the pain pass by and feel numb… my heart has been broked and has bled and i’m not afraid to take this one… it would surely scar and mark… but that scar would make me proud for the rest of my life… cause for the first time i would take a risk knowing that i will fail…

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