White Man Can't Fly? Think Again....

There is a saying in the sport of basketball that "White Man Can't Fly...", in the early days of NBA, the first dunkers are all blacks, the whites are always shooting the ball far away from the basket but the blacks brings the ball in the paint, jumps and powers the ball downward through the basket with one or two hands over the rim. Some players literally crash/breaks the backboard with their dunks. Gus Johnson, Daryl "Chocolate Thunder" Dawkins, Shaquille O'neal were famous famous for rippin the rim of the backboard.

Almost of the guys who played above the rim are blacks.

Not until then, a white man surprisingly won the NBA 1996 SLAM DUNK Contest, Brent Barry, the first white man who ever won the Slam Dunk Title. His final dunk was taking off at the free throw line.

Another one is this recent NBA 2011 Sprite Slam Dunk Champion, Blake Griffin. If you can recognize the first picture, Vince Carter did the same dunk who he called "the cookie jar dunk", but Blake Griffins dunk is more technical, He lobbed the ball and cookie jarred it in the rim. The second picture is his final dunk, he literally jumps over a car while getting the lob from Baron Davis from the cars moon roof.

So if they told you that "White man can't fly?" THINK AGAIN....

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