Your home is your best environment, you can relax and remove your stresses and tensions and most importantly, you can take a REST.

Is it possible to work and rest at the same time? Or earn extra money at your own home? Or make your work much easier and find contractors that will work on your job?

This is it! oDesk! You can find jobs and post jobs, this will make everything smooth for you.

POST JOBS AND FIND CONTRACTORS The On Demand Global Workforce - oDesk

FIND JOBS THAT SUITS YOUR SKILLS The On Demand Global Workforce - oDesk

Here at oDesk you can find and post jobs such as:

Web Development
o Web Design
o Web Programming
o Ecommerce
o UI Design
o Website QA
o Website Project Management

Software Development
o Desktop Applications
o Game Development
o Scripts & Utilities
o Software Plug-ins
o Mobile Apps
o Application Interface Design
o Software Project Management
o Software QA

Networking & Information Systems
o Network Administration
o DBA - Database Administration
o Server Administration
o ERP / CRM Implementation

Writing & Translation
o Technical Writing
o Website Content
o Blog & Article Writing
o Copywriting
o Translation
o Creative Writing

Administrative Support
o Data Entry
o Personal Assistant
o Web Research
o Email Response Handling
o Transcription

Design & Multimedia
o Graphic Design
o Logo Design
o Illustration
o Print Design
o 3D Modeling & CAD
o Audio Production
o Video Production
o Voice Talent
o Animation
o Presentations
o Engineering & Technical Design

Customer Service
o Customer Service & Support
o Technical support
o Phone Support
o Order Processing

Sales & Marketing
o Advertising
o Email Marketing
o SEO - Search Engine Optimization
o SEM - Search Engine Marketing
o SMM - Social Media Marketing
o PR - Public Relations
o Telemarketing & Telesales
o Business Plans & Marketing Strategy
o Market Research & Surveys
o Sales & Lead Generation

Business Services
o Accounting
o Bookkeeping
o HR / Payroll
o Financial Services & Planning
o Payment Processing
o Legal
o Project Management
o Business Consulting
o Recruiting
o Statistical Analysis


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