Tingles and Everything

tingles and everything… we’re experiencingthis things when we are in love… we have our ups and downs in our life, i mean in our love life… hehehe i hope im not too corny to write this kind of stuff… who cares! this is my blog anyway… :D

we keep on falling and somehow we fail or succeed… we do all things necessary even if we are not used to these things, we wake up early for them just to greet them good morning, we ask at the end of the day how ’s her day (it sounded redundant lol!), we do things that would make her happy, or we can leap and hoping to God that we can fly, cause otherwise we would drop like a rock, wondering the whole way down… why in the hell did i jump? and here i am… falling for someone… and theres only one person that makes me feel like i can fly… she’s IT! but i would rather have her as a friend… than not to have her in my life at all… or is it just that im afraid to take that risk?

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